2009, 2010, 2011


Background: DAAAM International is a large international Network which includes thousands of active people and institutions. The number of people, activities and publications are continuously growing during last twenty years. We want to keep high quality of our activities, and significant growing during coming years. For that reason we introduced new organization forms and modern means. For managing of all those activities, people and publications it is necessary to introduce basic identification data. From the other side since many of years many of DAAAM people asked for the formalization of membership for the carrier reason. In 2009 we introduced DAAAM memberships for individuals, institutions and firms.  


Membership for Individuals:

There are some very important points:

a) Only Member of DAAAM has right to take part in all activities of DAAAM international

b) Member of DAAAM gets own daaam_personal_number (dpn) This number is assigned to one person "for ever", and is not changeable.

c) Membership is obligatory for all people who want to take part in DAAAM activities. That means that following people must be member:

  • All authors and coauthors of DAAAM

  • Member of all DAAAM committees

  • All participants at DAAAM conferences

  • All Accompanying persons at conferences

  • All persons whose names are  listed in DAAAM publications

  • All persons whose names are listed on DAAAM web sides

  • Organizers of DAAAM activities

  • All reviewers of DAAAM papers

  • Supporter

  • Sponsors

d) Membership for individuals for 2011 year is free of charge

e) Membership is limited on one year, membership starts on the 1st of January and expires on the 31st of December of the year

f) Ranking for Individual members - Authors of DAAAM is possible to see in Membership Matrix. For no authors of DAAAM there are: member, supporting member and honor member.

g) To prolong or start own DAAAM activities in 2011 it is necessary to apply for membership for year 2011

h) After proof DAAAM international will inform by e-mail the candidate about acceptance (or not) as member for 2011. This e-mail is official confirmation or rejection of membership for 2011.

i) Accepted candidates will get  daaam_personal_number (dpn) and membership confirmation. After acceptance as DAAAM member for 2011 you can start your DAAAM activities! Congratulations and Welcome on Board!


DAAAM International Membership Certificates for 2009 and 2010
DAAAM Membership Certificate 2009 and 2010 are very nice professionally designed representative official DAAAM documents with dry seal. Members of DAAAM can get this unframed document by surface mail or can take it at the 22nd DAAAM World Symposium in Vienna. At Symposium it will also posible to get framed document, ready to hang on the wall.

NB The membership in DAAAM is free of charge; the official confirmation about membership was send to members by e-mail. The Membership Certificate is just beautiful representative official confirmation about membership for members who want to have it!


DAAAM International Membership Certificate for 2011


DAAAM International Membership Certificate for 2011 will be professionaly designed representative document. If you want to have it, please pay it according to DAAAM Services and order it in the Application Form for DAAAM International Membership for Year 2011

In Memoriam

DAAAM International Curriculum Vitae for DAAAM Member

This document shows all DAAAM activities of one person from first appearance till now. Document includes following: all papers published as author and coauthor, memberships in different DAAAM committees, organising activities, functions inside of DAAAM international organisation, publications, invited lectures, chair, prices and many other facts. The document is year-by-year structured. All facts will be carefully verified and proofed. This document has old official document look.  This certificate is official document of DAAAM International Vienna for carrier support of our members. For some old members this document will be some ten pages long. This document can be send to member by surface mail or can be taken at DAAAM World Symposium. More details will come soon.

Who is Who in DAAAM International Vienna

DAAAM International  preparing biographical project "Who is Who in DAAAM International". The main aim of this project is the collection, systematisation and dissemination of biographical data our members and their promotion in the international scientific and academic community. More details will come soon.

Application for DAAAM International Membership for Year 2011